Brinkens Garage

Brinkens Garage restores cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and mopeds. We build everything, from original cars to customised vehicles. Thanks to our experience and hard work we can fix about anything.

Old nostalgic items, from fridges to pinballmachines, coolers to vending machines. Or why not a whole garage designed to your taste? Your dreams are our inspiration!


We repair and restore anything with wheels, even boats, fridges and pinball machines.

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Interiors & upholstery

We make custom interiors & upholstery for boats, caravans and motorcycles. We even do repairs on furnishing, fitting new leather, vinyl and padding.

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Västerås Summer Meet

Brinkens garage yearly organize one of the biggest car events in Europe, Västerås Summer Meet. The event  is held at Johannisbergs airport in Västerås.

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